Back to Black

Black as an accompaniment to all things BDSM has become the norm and I wonder if it has always been so.

Sadomasochism has been around for us as long as we depraved sexual beings have been on this earth. The craving for pain and ownership,the sharp bite of the whip.

For attiring my pale skinned body with black corsets,  sheer black stockings accentuating my long slim legs and beautiful black shiny thigh length boots surely does something to the animal part of man. It is impossible to ignore.

It evokes a sense of cruel power, of domination by a superior woman, an image so powerful from dreams and fairy tales, deep within the Psyche, of wicked stepmothers , witches, sorcery and paganism and with a strong sense of the sexually untouchable. Of being a squirming worm beneath the sharp heel of her shining boots. A little sub can do nothing but gaze at her strength.

As a rebellious youth I was very hard to handle, I was punk I was Goth I was all things black, tight and shining. Now after all these years here I am Back to Black.

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