If you wish to arrange a session with me then get in contact in the first instance by using the short form below or txt me on 07561 869781. Be sure to leave a valid email address so I can reply to you.

Once I’ve established that your interest is genuine I will allow you to contact me by voice call.

I am not interested in endless chit-chat. Get in touch and I shall administer what you deserve, enthusiastically.

Please outline the type of session and a day/time you are looking for your appointment.

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    Session Deposit Payments

    You are required to make a payment of £60 as a deposit on your booking. You booking is NOT CONFIRMED until such time as a deposit is received. I shall acknowledge receipt by email and that your booking is confirmed. We all have emergencies, if you are unable to attend your booking and give me reasonable notice, reasonable at my discretion, then this can be carried to a re-arranged booking.

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