A dominatrix’s work is never done

So steep learning curves come in a variety of sizes do they? This weeks was BIG.

I had a lovely gent in my Edinburgh dungeon who wanted some plain old fashioned punishment. Lovely thinks I, one of my favorite pastimes and I had more than a little stress to burn off so, whack, thump, whizz and smack I’m at it on his dear behind for and hour. And as I walk away I’m thinking well that’s today’s work done but suddenly on my phone up pops a blackmail slave I’ve been chatting with for a few weeks who says he wants to play tonight. He lives in Asia so all our play is online.

I sweetly demand his work address for blackmail purposes (obviously), and a selfie with his wife’s knickers on, he obliges quickly warming to his tasks when I tell him the photo is being downloaded, printed and posted to his work in the morning and the only way to prevent it is to pay me 100 pounds…. ping goes the Paypal button immediately.

Starting to get hard now he sends me his home address,work email and some more fairly disgustingly naughty photographs and in return I promise to send these new pictures to his home…ping another 100 pounds.

After giving up the mobile phone number (with very little difficulty) of his new wife I ask for an additional 500 to go straight to Paypal or I will send the film he just made of him wanking in the bathroom to the unfortunate girl……the money is transferred instantly.

This blackmail slave obviously has plenty of money and his life is obviously very contained for him to desire to give me this ammunition for my files quite so easily. He was so very aroused by the complete control I gained over him, the proof is in the 2 minute long film he sent of him wanking into a glass and drinking it for his Mistresses pleasure.

This is not something I’ve ever done before I’m much more into the physical side of BDSM, bondage, whipping, caning etc but this slut really needs to be totally controlled by a strong dominant woman and at those prices….well who am I to refuse?

NB. Please note this online relationship is entirely consensual and legal. No one was injured during play (for once)

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