Sissy Boys

Do you have fantasies of being a slutty girl? Do you long to know how it feels to be used and abused by a cock? In our discreet Edinburgh premises you can be assured privacy and a safe environment to explore your sissy fantasies. Whether you are a novice or experienced with cross dressing I will enjoy helping you fulfill your bad, bad, naughty fantasies.

I am deeply aroused by sissification, dressing you up in feminine clothing and fucking you with a strap on. This service would include frilly panties, butt plugs, anal training, make up, wigs, lingerie and heels, spankings and cock cages. I will make you my bitch and enjoy seeing you as a slutty little girl. You shall learn submission to your betters and how to serve and how to behave. I shall be your teacher and I shall love it.

sissyboys-welcomeRole playing where you are transformed into an adult baby, sissy girl, little princess, we shall discuss your desires in advance so that I am appropriately prepared with clothes and uniform to accommodate you.

Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to reveal your inner desires. A professional, experienced mistress offers release and expression of who you are in a private, personal time where the rest of the world is not watching.

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