Teacher: A giver of lessons, meet the Governess

We all had that one teacher with the evil glint in the corner of her eye. Miss Sugar Cougar loves to adopt the role of Governess and get to teaching all naughty little boys how to behave properly.

Did you ever have a crush in the distant past on a sexy school teacher? Well her she is back in the present to see to your education again. You may start off giggling in the corner but the Governess is accomplished in bringing you back to, sobriety.

Discipline in the classroom is a precursor and the mistress is comfortable delivering punishments with a belt. Annoy her, or fail to show the correct attitude, and you could find your self caned.

The mistress finds the role of teacher a natural one. Ordering around and disciplining young cubbies, educating them in the ways of the world and the acceptance of female supremacy. It’s all just a day in the classroom for the cougar or should that be the Governess.

Get an education from Sugar Cougar...

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