We all have our fetishes

If I was to confess one of mine, which I particularly enjoy, it would be male urethral sounding.

I love watching my subject on the floor, beneath me, waiting nervously for me to begin to feed my fetish on them. I love the fear and excitement in their cold trembling bodies and bright eyes as they lay their entire trust to their mistress’s steady hands. I love the preparation of the sounds, the sterile lube slowly squeezed onto the shining tip of the instrument, the way it glints as it slides down the shaft of the cold steel.

Holding his little placid cock upwards to accept the cold tip of metal, I gradually begin to slowly slide the surgical steel sound inside his cock,the subject may gasp at the temperature change inside his dick at this point but this just pleasures me more.

His penis will begin to grow now becoming aroused by the physical sensations inside him as well as the psychological effect the procedure has on his mind. I will let the steel drop with its own weight further inside his hard cock squeezing slightly as I feel it through his stiff hot skin. I continue to do this working slowly,teasing and torturing his throbbing member, his moans and groans of pleasure arousing me more and feeding my desire

One of my lovely slaves has bought me a pair of stunning black patent leather thigh length steel stiletto boots,the heels specifically designed for urethral sounding. I am so looking forward to finding a new slave to do this to.

As Edinburgh gets busier with visitors from far and near I’m looking forward to a Summer of torment. Are you going to stop by my parlour said the spider to the fly?

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